Welcome To Children Of The Voiceless

Welcome to the Children Of The Voiceless website, we are a charitable foundation fighting to return children who have been forcibly adopted for child protection reasons back to thier parents and to provide advice on taking legal actions against child protection agencies whose actions involve negligence.

We encourage all people who have been the victims of this scam to contact us and work with us to end this policy of stealing the children from poor families to provide children to better off childless families, particularly in cases involving issues of political correctness

Bear with us while we build the website, all contact messages will be answered as soon as possible

Who are we

Children Of The Voiceless was founded by two friends Martin Fricek and Joe Moss when UK social services tried to abduct Martins new born son. Martin a state registered security guard and UK courts interpreter had to flee the UK when the social services became involved in the birth of his son through mid wife intervention, having sat as an interpreter in family courts, Martin knew what was coming and has since been fighting a courageous lone battle against the process of forced adoption and child snatching in the UK, Joe Moss is a business and IT professional, a close friend of Martin with a keen interest in law and has decided to join the battle with Martin to stop this unfair and corrupt practice of forced adoption

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How To Get Involved

We always need help, whether it be money, lawyers prepared to work pro bono or just parents of abducted children counselling and sharing thier experiences with other parents, everybodies own experience is unique, when many threads come together it gives a powerfull voice to those who were voiceless in the face of state authority.